• Suitable for the G-11 and Gaia-Wind G133 wind turbines.

Our upgraded online monitoring system wind includes features such as:

  • Real-time monitoring – wind speed, current power, generation RPM and active status codes.
  • SCADA data analysis – total generation, average wind speed, performance loss, downtime loss, power curve plot and time series plot
  • Accessible via web browser or smart phone app 24/7.
  • Event log and analysis – Log of status codes and operating states

On line monitoring (OLM) gives you a way to keep up to date with how your turbine is behaving.

You can see the instantaneous power and wind speed, view the energy produced per day, week, or month. check on the current status of the machine, and receive email alerts if your turbine goes offline for any reason. The latest OLM system also incorporates a remote stop/start/reset feature.

Early models of the IC1100 control system did not support the use of OLM. The IC1100 controller can be upgraded to accept the latest version of the monitoring hardware.

Includes first 12 months data subscription.

The data subscription is renewed annually at £220 + VAT. Should you wish to cancel this subscription you will need to inform us in writing a minimum of 14 days prior to the end of your 12 month subscription.